Vane pumps

Vane Pump

Vane pumps are usually used in transfer of Bulk Fuel supply in Industrial applications. These pumps can be installed on Fuel tankers via engine propeller or called Power Take Off or installed standalone with pulley and belt by electric motors.

There are different types of Vane Pump. Depending on the application, some of which uses Resin Type Vanes, Fibra Type Vanes or Graphite Type Vanes. There are also different sizes for different application but the most commonly used are 2 inch, 2.5 inch and 3 inch diameter.

Vane pump transfer flow rate varies differently and is directly proportional to the rotational speed RPM and diameter of the inlet/outlet. There are also some vane type pumps that has built-in pressure relief valves and some have not.  Normally the Head specification of a vane pump refers to the horizontal head and does not constitute a vertical head. It is very important that these are to be considered in using and designing the pumping system and in the selection of the appropriate vane pump.

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