Portable Fuel Dispenser

Portable Fuel Dispensers play a vital role in the development of a business. Portable Fuel Dispensers are cheap, durable and easier to maintain compared to full sized fuel dispensers which require a dedicated technician to maintain.

Normally Portable Fuel Dispensers are used for private motor pools whether in remote areas or in urban setting specially if you own a fleet of vehicles, trucks or heavy equipment. It provides convenience in refueling at the same time it is more cost effective for your company. Bulk fuel purchase is normally cheaper than pump prices in refueling stations which allows your company to save in refueling cost.

Portable Dispensers for fuel yield a faster ROI too. With its cheaper outright cost, you will be able to reach ROI for the equipment in a few months time. 

Portable Fuel Dispensers are easy to use, easy to maintain and does not require a technician to maintain and operate. It works similarly to a water pump we use at home, tapped to the fuel outlet of a storage tank, a portable fuel dispenser has a pump that siphons the fuel from the line, passes it through a flowmeter and pushes it out the discharge line controlled by a fuel nozzle.

Portable Fuel Dispensers has different types, models, design and application. There are portable fuel dispensers that can be used on Diesel and Kerosene fuels only, while there are Explosion proof models which can be used on Gasoline applications. Those that are NON Explosion proof cannot be used on gasoline fuels as it will burn the fumes of the gasoline causing it to explode.

There are portable fuel dispensers that are AC/Plug type, and there are also models that are DC/Battery type applications. There are also different kinds of flow meter reader which is analog/mechanical or digital type. However, if you are after the accuracy of reading, we would personally recommend the digital type as this is easier to calibrate and use. Digital type also reads the fractional part of a liter making readings more accurate in low or high volume.

Here in Fleet Fuel Trading, we will help you select the best portable fuel dispenser model based on your budget and your application making sure that the portable dispenser you will purchase will work the way as it should be.

We will recommend the correct layout in installing these fuel dispensers making sure that you will be able to use the portable dispenser for fuel a longer time. We also have parts and services for the portable dispensers for fuel that are bought from us should you encounter any issues in the long run.