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Fuel Transfer Pump & Fuel Dispenser

Looking for a Portable Diesel or Gasoline Transfer Pump or Fuel Dispenser? You came to the right place. We have the fuel transfer pump and fuel dispensers that will fit your needs. Our newest product are the JYB-60 Mechanical Fuel Dispenser, YTB-40 12VDC fuel transfer pump and the YTB-60A Automatic fuel transfer pump.

The JYB-60 Mechanical Fuel Dispenser is a compact mechanical fuel dispenser designed for private motorpool operation. It is cheap, reliable and easy to maintain, with a strong power of 550W operated in 220V.  It has a built in analog 4 digit mechanical flowmeter and 8 digit totalizer for easy inventory of dispensed fuel.

The YTB-40 on the other hand is a 12volt DC operated portable fuel transfer pump. The YTB-40 12Vdc fuel transfer pump is specially designed for field use. It is cheap and lightweight and comes with Battery Alligator Clips. Also comes with a analog 4 digit mechanical flowmeter and 8 digit totalizer.

Another of our latest product is the YTB-60A Automatic fuel transfer pump. The YTB-60A is a 220v fuel transfer pump which has a power of 550W. It functions fully automatic shutting down the pump when fuel tank is full. It is cheap, reliable and easy to maintain.

The  YTB-60 Fuel Transfer Pump  is a very reliable fuel transfer pump for private motor pool, and many industrial applications. It is cheap in price, lightweight and easy to maintain. This 220V  60Hz fuel pump comes with a dispensing nozzle, 4 digit counter totalizer with reset dial, particle filter and dispensing hose.  It has a flow rate of 20-60 Liter per minute (LPM) and operates at 550W power with maximum operating pressure of 3 bar  and motor rotation speed of 2800 rpm. The YTB-60 is specifically designed for diesel fuel and kerosene while the ACEX70 is designed for gasoline, diesel and other fuels as its feature include a mechanical seal and is explosion proof.  This fuel pump weighs approximately 18-20kgs.

The YTB-75 Fuel Transfer Pump is the latest product of Fleet Fuel Trading. It is powered by 24Vdc and can be used for both Gasoline and Diesel Fuel. It is constructed Explosion Proof for use on highly combustible fuel like gasoline. It has a flow rate of 15GPM, comes with a Analog FM-120L Flow meter and 11A Automatic Nozzle. The YTB-75 model is best for Fuel Tanker Application where AC power is not available.

Also Available :

  1. YB-1 12Vdc 40LPM Diesel Transfer Pump Unit
  2. YB-4 Dual Voltage  12Vdc/24Vdc
  3. YB-6 12Vdc 60LPM Diesel Transfer Pump Unit
  4. YB-7 220Vac 60LPM Diesel Transfer Pump Unit
  5. YB-8 220Vac 80LPM Diesel Transfer Pump Unit
  6. YB-9 220 Vac 40LPM Gear Pump
  7. YB-11 220Vac 1.5 HP Gear Pump for Diesel and Motor Oil
  8. YB-11 220Vac 1 HP Gear Pump for Diesel and Motor Oil
  9. YB-11 220Vac 3/4 HP Gear Pump for Diesel and Motor Oil
  10. YB-11s 220Vac Gear Pump with Stainless head
  11.  Manual Barrel Hand Pump.
  12. Vane Pump 2 inches (Pulley ready)
  13. Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

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