Calibration Bucket

To be able to know if your fuel dispenser is accurate in its measurement when you are dispensing fuel out of it, you will need a Calibration Bucket to find out.

A Calibration bucket is metal bucket made from either Galvanized Iron or Stainless steel with a visible glass gauge in between a metal ruler. Usually it comes in 10 Liters or 20 Liters. This Metal Can usually comes with a Calibration Certificate from a 3rd party calibration company authorized by the Phil. Government to calibrate and adjust the ruler of the bucket making sure that the ruler is on its exact zero mark as tested using precise laboratory measurements using Volumetric Method. They are also the one authorized to seal the ruler with a metal seal to give assurance that they have tested and adjusted the Calibration bucket fairly.

The Metal seal is normally crimped to make sure that the ruler on the calibration bucket cannot be removed, adjusted or tampered as a protection to fuel consumers. The company also releases a Certificate proving that the Calibration Bucket has been tested, evaluated and adjusted accordingly. This Certificate serves as a proof for the buyer that the Calibration Bucket is certified fair and can be used.

The Calibration bucket is used by the Fuel Dispenser technician by filling it up with the fuel volume of the said bucket and then it will checked if the dispensed fuel is exactly in the zero mark of the ruler proving that the dispensed fuel is with accurate measurement. If the fuel volume exceeds or does not reach the zero mark, the dispenser flowmeter should be adjusted/calibrated by the technician accordingly until such time that the dispensed fuel coincides to the zero mark of the Calibration Bucket.

We have high quality Calibration Buckets to choose from. Our Galvanized Iron Calibration Bucket are powder painted to prevent rusting for prolong usage. While for the Stainless Steel Calibration Bucket, are made from thick Stainless Steel plates to ensure durability. Both comes with carry handle and top cover.

Stainless Calibration Bucket 10L

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